Welcome to our Liberty Commerce Network!

Welcome to our Liberty Commerce Network! Our goal is to protect your inalienable right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Our intention is to help rebuild our local economy from the bottom up by promoting local businesses that respect your Constitutional right to free speech as well as the freedom to make your own medical decisions.

We do this by encouraging freedom loving businesses and service providers to post a listing describing their services on our Service Provider List. We also have a list where those looking to hire others from our community can post and describe their jobs on our Job Providers List. Because there are many members of our community that are now homeless or nearly homeless either due to the Economic Lockdown or the recent flooding, we also offer a Housing Providers List where folks can offer Housing options. We also have a Housing Seekers List for those looking for housing.


If you are interested in joining our Liberty Commerce Network, all you need to do is come to one of our local meetings which happen every Wednesday night at a church near Lynden, Washington.

What do you get for being a Member of our Network?
All members get the benefit of being able to share information with other members that share your values – for example, respecting the right of all people to live, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Personal Members get a place to find jobs and find people who offer the services they need. Service Providers get a place to get jobs, network with customers and promote their skills and or local business. Job Providers get a place to find hire others to do the work they need done. Housing providers and Housing seekers get the benefit of creating shared housing arrangements.

How does our community network work?
Service Providers enter the services they provide into a Searchable Service Provider Database. Here is a screen shot of what our Service Provider Searchable List looks like:


Members can then search this database by location and service category to find service providers near them. Members can then select the Profile pages for each Service Provider to learn more about them, the services they are offering and how to contact them for more information. Here is a screen shot of what the Search Function looks like when searching the Service Provider Categories for a Plumber:


Job providers enter the jobs they are offering into a different Searchable List. Members can then search this List by location and job categories to find job providers near them. Members can then select the Profile pages for each Job Provider by clicking on VIEW to learn more about the jobs they offer and how to contact them for more infomation.

How much does it cost to become a Member of our Liberty Commerce Network? It is FREE... FREE as in Freedom and Free as in no charge!
It is free to become a Member of our network where you can log in and view all four lists. It is also free to post jobs to our Job Providers List, our Service Providers List, our Housing Providers List and our Housing Seekers List . You also get your own web page to promote your business and or services to our members – all for free. We are able to do this because we have designed our network to have almost no overhead. We can therefore offer it as a gift to our local community.


Next Steps to Economic Freedom
First we hope you will get a secure free email address and then sign up for your free Personal Membership. Second, you then need to let us know if you want a to be a Service Provider, Job Provider, Housing Provider and or Housing Seeker. Third, we hope you will tell your family, friends and local business owners about this great opportunity.

All you need to do is come to one of our Be Brave Washington meetings to sign up. Can’t make one of our weekly meetings? Then email one of the friendly people on our Membership Committee with our Contact Us form . Let them know where and how you found out about us.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free to come to our next meeting. Because we are growing, our meeting location changes from time to time. Send us an email by filling out our Contact Us form and ask for the location. Each weekly meeting starts at about 6:30 pm and runs to about 8 pm. We look forward to meeting.

Welcome to our Liberty Commerce Network!