Our Liberty Commerce Network Gives You REAL Security

The purpose of our Liberty Commerce Network is to help our members build an alternative local economy by promoting local businesses and other service providers who pledge to respect our God Given inalienable right to Life, Liberty and Privacy.


In this article, we will explain how we protect your data while, at the same time, we promote our local service providers.

Why it is Important to Help Local Service Providers
Not only are we being subjected to Biological Warfare with the clot shots, mask mandated and vax mandates, but we are all being subjected to Economic Warfare by our corrupt government – which has allowed Big Box Chains to remain open during the Lockdown while forcing small local businesses to remain closed.


As just one example, there used to be three small independent computer repair shops in Bellingham. All three closed during the lockdown and none have reopened. So if you want your computer repaired, you now have to go to a Big Box Store.

The reason our corrupt government favors Big Box stores over small local business owners is because it is easier to control the workforce if small local business owners are driven out of business and everyone is forced to work for the Big Box stores. Our Liberty Commerce Network is our best chance to work together to help our local businesses, revive our local economy and preserve our economic freedom.

The Importance of Computer and Website Security
For our Liberty Commerce Network to help local businesses, it needs to be secure. Sadly most websites today are not secure. This is because there is a hidden Cyber War being conducted against the American people by a combination of government and multi-national corporations that together refer to themselves as Fusion Agents and or Prism Partners. These groups include the NSA, CIA, DHS, FBI, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, News Media and many others acting under the US Patriot Act to deprive your of your computer security, privacy and freedom.


As we will see below, these cyber weapons also include GoDaddy Servers and the Wordpress Website Building tool. For more on the history of this Cyber War against the American people, read my free book: https://freeyourselffrommicrosoftandthensa.org/

One of the reasons our Founding Fathers revolted against an oppressive British Government was to protect their Right to Privacy. This is why they wrote the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution which reads in part:


Note that the words “papers and effects” include our right to privacy and security of our personal data, computers and websites.

After all, if someone you do not know controls the key to your home, are you really secure in your home? In the same way, if someone you do not know controls your access to the Internet and your data on the Internet, then they also control your access to knowledge. Thus, personal freedom is closely related to computer security and online freedom. It is therefore important to learn about real computer privacy and security.

Here are four essential components of computer and online security:

Step 1: Replace the insecure Windows operating system on your computers with the Free and Secure Linux operating system
There is no protection for your data or your website password if you are using a Windows or Apple Computer. If you really want your data to be secure, the only way to do that is to switch to Linux. Your computer is the home for your documents and data. If the data on your computer is not secure, then nothing else you do even matters.

If you are using a Windows or Apple computer, hackers or government agents can simply go directly to your computer and take it over. As Edward Snowden revealed in 2013, both Microsoft and Apple are federal Fusion Agent Partners (aka Prism Partners). Nearly all Windows computers are hacked within minutes of going online.


Even worse, there is a direct pipeline between Microsoft and the NSA allowing direct access to your computer. Microsoft and the NSA can remotely control and even turn off your computer. This is why we offer free computer security courses several times a year. We will show you how to switch your computer from Windows or Apple to Linux. For more information on the hazards of Windows computers, and how to switch to Linux, read two of my free books: https://www.freeyourselffrommicrosoftandthensa.org/


 Step 2: Do not store your data on any server located in the US
All US servers are subject to the US Patriot Act – a draconian US law which "temporarily" suspends our Constitutional rights and gives Fusion agents the right to access your data and even shut down any website on any server located in the US – without a court order! In particular, do not use GoDaddy Servers as they have a long dispicable track record of working directly with the NSA to take down independent websites. Our Liberty Commerce Network website is hosted on a Canadian Server – a nation which still gives you the right to a hearing by a judge before your website is taken down or your data is stolen.


Step 3: Do not store your data on a server using Cpanel
Cpanel is an insecure website control panel owned by Wall Street billionaires. Cpanel controls over 90% of the world’s websites.


Our Liberty Commerce Network website uses a open source Control Panel called Hestia which is much more secure than Cpanel.


Step 4: Do not use Wordpress to create your website
Sadly, Wordpress is as insecure as Windows. This is why our Liberty Commerce Network website was built using Joomla - because Joomla is much more secure than Wordpress. In 2021, both Wordpress and Windows suffered from more than 700 security holes. This is why both Wordpress and Windows are called a Hacker Heaven. By contrast, Linux Debian and Joomla suffered from only a few security flaws – all of which are immediately patched! (Many Windows and Wordpress flaws are NEVER patched).


In 2021, there were 915 Wordpress security flaws. This is 915 different ways for hackers to take over a Wordpress website. Once hackers take over a Wordpress website, they gain access to all of the data on that website. This is why there is no such thing as a secure Wordpress website.

Windows computers were nearly as bad with 759 security flaws. This is why most Windows computers are hacked within minutes of going online. The most insecure option in terms of exposing your data is the combination of using an insecure Windows computer to transfer data to an insecure Wordpress website.


This is why we took the time to place your data on Linux computers using Canadian Hestia servers and built with the Joomla website building tool. It is because we take the privacy of your data seriously. This is why we say, “We give you REAL online privacy and security.”


While an insecure website can suffer from several open backdoors, a truly secure website has no open backdoors.

Why hiding the Service Provider Page would not protect our Service Providers
Now that you have a better understanding of what REAL computer and website security are, let’s look at some false claims that have been made about website security. One of these false claims is that Service Providers would be better protected from the prying eyes of Big Brother by making the Service Provider page hidden – requiring website visitors to fill out a membership form to see the Service Provider page. The truth is that hiding the Service Provider page only gives the illusion of Privacy. In reality, putting our Service Provider List behind a Registration wall would not actually protect our service providers from Big Brother.


Here is the REAL Truth of Online Privacy and Security
While we have gone to great lengths to protect the data of our members, and while we have set up several screeninig mechanisms to make it more difficult for bad actors to join our group, it is simply not possible to keep so-called Fusion Agents from joining our group. For example, we require that new members attend at least one of our weekly meetings so we can be assured that they are a real person. However, it is almost certain that Fusion agents are already attending our meetings. This is not some wild conspiracy theory. Through Freedom of Information Act filings, prior “protest” groups (including those in the Peace Movement, the Pro-Life Movement, the Occupy Wall Street Movement, the Tea Party Movement and Ron Paul Libertarians) confirmed that as many as one in four of their active members were in fact paid Fusion agents.

There are 79 Fusion Centers located around the US. Fusion agents spying on the Occupy Movement even had their own newsletter:


A 141 page US Senate report estimated that their official budget of these 79 Fusion Centers was $1.4 billion annually. My esitimate is that their actual budget is much higher. I estimate that there are more than 1,000 Fusion agents in Washington State – agents whose sole job is to infiltrate and spy on groups that may not be happy with our current goverment. A full year review of the Fusion Agent program by the US Senate concluded that Fusion agents were not able to identify a single domestic terrorist – making this Fusion Agent program the biggest waste of tax payer dollars in US history.


Here is a diagram of the Washington State Fusion Center:


While some Fusion agents work for federal agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, or for the US military and Defense Contractors (such as Edward Snowden), others work for NSA shell corporations or even private banks and mega corporations.

Note that the word Fusion is the combination of Government and Private Corporations… It has the same meeting as the term Fascism which also means the merger of public and private power structures.

Fusion agents likely already have access to our Service Provider List - and will continue to have access regardless of the screening steps we take and regardless of whether the Service Provider Page is public or private and regardless of whether the information is posted online or on paper on a table in the back of our meeting room.

The Severe Harm in Hiding our Service Provider List
There is a huge harm in hiding our Service Provider list from normal people who visit our Liberty Commerce Network website. This is because over 90% of the people who visit our website will not want to go through the process of signing up to be a member. Many of these visitors might want to hire one or more of our Service Providers. But they will be unable to if the Service Provider page is hidden from them. Thus, hiding the Service Provider page would reduce job offers to our service providers by 90% or more. Instead of helping our local economy, we will be harming our local economy. We should not shoot ourselves and our local businesses in the foot by hiding the Service Provider List behind a Registration wall.


Why We Hide the Job Provider and Housing Lists
However, we do hide the Job Provider list because we want to give our members the inside track over the general public in getting jobs offered by other members. For the same reason, we also want to keep the Housing offered and Housing needed lists reserved for local members rather than for the general public. Finally, our Member List with personal contact information about our Members is hidden not only from the public but even from our members.

Without Truth, there can be no Freedom
REAL Freedom requires not only courage, love and vigilence, but the desire to seek out, hear and recognize the truth. The truth is that there is a war going on between good and evil. We can win this war if we are willing to hear the truth. But it is difficult to learn the truth when some of those we place our trust in fail to learn and speak the truth. We are living in challenging times. We are all being bombarded by an avalance of lies on a daily basis. Here are just a few of the lies we are being subjected to:

Lie #1: The PCR Test is an accurate test… In fact, a so-called positive PCR Test with a Cycle count greater than 35 is wrong at least 29 times out of 30. Even worse, none of the current tests are even remotely accurate! They are all a complete waste of time and money. https://commonsensebook.org/latest-news/ten-concerns-about-the-new-gmo-shots

Lie #2: The Corona Virus killed tens of thousands of people in Washington state. In fact, there was no increase in fatalities in Washington state in 2020. Nearly all of those who the State claimed died from the corona virus in 2020 actually died from other causes. In short, the corona virus is less deadly than the seasonal flu. https://commonsensebook.org/latest-news/proof-the-corona-virus-did-not-increase-fatalities

Lie #3 Cotton masks are effective in stopping viruses. In fact, the pore size on cotton masks is way too big to even slow down viruses. So why does our corrupt government insist that we wear masks? They make us wear masks in order to control us by promoting fear. https://commonsensebook.org/latest-news/why-cotton-masks-do-not-stop-the-corona-virus

Lie #4 Shutting down schools reduces the spread of the corona virus. In fact, children do not spread the corona virus because they lack the ACE 2 receptors required for virus transmission. So why shut down schools? They shut down our schools iI\n order to control us by promoting fear. https://commonsensebook.org/latest-news/more-evidence-opening-schools-is-not-a-risk-to-teachers-or-students

Lie #5 Locking down businesses and forcing people to stay home reduces the spread of viruses. In fact, nearly all virus transmission occurs inside of poorly ventilated homes – not well ventilated businesses or well ventilated schools. So why shut down businesses and force people to remain in poorly ventilated homes? They lock down businesses in order to control us by promoting fear.

Lie # 6 Clot shots are safe. In fact, clot shots contain Spike Proteins and many other toxic substances that harm your immune system, your circulation system and your nervous system. The only thing worse than one clot shot is two, three or four clot shots. https://commonsensebook.org/latest-news/gmo-shots-prion-factories-and-the-death-cult

Lie #7 Clot shots are effective. Clot shots do not stop virus transmission or severity of illness. In fact, the majority of transmission, hospitalization and death now occurs among those who have had one or more clot shots – because the clot shots harm our immune system making us more vulnerable to being infected by all sorts of viruses.

Lie #8 Vitamins C and D do not stop the Corona Virus. In fact, Vitamins C and D are highly effective at stopping all viruses. An October 2021 study found that 5000 units of Vitamin D per day led to a nearly 100 percent drop in corona virus cases, hospitalizations and fatalities. The title was “COVID-19 Mortality Rate Close to Zero Could Be Achieved at 50 ng/mL D3.”

So why isn’t our corrupt government passing out free bottles of Vitamin D? Because they are all controlled by Drug Companies that make billions of dollars forcing harmful clot shots on us. I could go on. But hopefully you get my point. We are being subjected to a daily barrage of blatant lies and carfully planned propaganda.

Now More than Ever We All Need to Seek Out and Tell the Truth
Given that we have been subjected to an avalance of lies by our corrrupt government, the last thing we need is for those we trust most to also lie to us. Now, more than ever, we need to learn and speak the truth. Without Truth, there can be no freedom.


How to Tell a Secure Website from an Insecure Website
Here is the truth regarding website security and the protection of your data... Any website using Windows computers and servers located inside the US and using Cpanel and Wordpress is not a secure website. A truly secure website must use Linux computers and servers located outside of the US and controlled with the Hestia Control Panel and built with the Joomla web building framework. That is exactly what we give you.


Welcome to real security. Welcome to our Liberty Commerce Network!