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Healing Bodywork with Heather Small LMT
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 ~ Healing Bodywork ~

Intuitive bodywork therapy sessions combining energy healing and massage

Each session is tailored for you

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What clients are saying...

"Having a therapeutic massage with Heather each week has enabled me to become more aware of my body and more at ease with myself. Each session provides me with better function on the physical level, as well as allowing me to become more integrated as a whole person." - Anne

"She creates a professional, accepting, healing space that I have yet to experience anywhere else. She uses her well-developed intuition to cater your experience." - Jami

"Heather is a master healer and intuitive guide. Her sessions are nourishing, supportive and powerfully transformative. She holds space for what is ready to transform, heal and release, while offering the perfect blend of intuitive guidance and healing bodywork to facilitate healthy change in body, heart and soul.  - Joanna